Media and press week : student’s perspective

Dans le cadre de la semaine de la presse à l’école, nous sommes intervenus dans la classe de Clarisse Lauga, professeure d’anglais à la cité scolaire. Quatre élèves de 1ère générale spécialité Anglais Monde contemporain, ont rédigé un article en anglais synthétisant les actions menées durant cette semaine. Leur article que nous publions ci-dessous, est illustré par un dessin réalisé par une autre élève, Tahina Gouon.

By Gallis Cloelia, Lombardo Chiara, Desabaye Shainia and Henke Joséphine

Over the course of the past week, the Robert Weinum high school and its students have participated in media and press week. The participations have been numerous. Two students in 11th grade, Caroline Barrot and Gae-Lye Hanson-Maurin, have both interviewed The President Daniel Gibbs and Miss Longato about the press especially institutional communication.

“The easiest part was the meeting, I wasn’t intimidated at all once I found myself face to face with the president.”  Caroline confided. Although, she acknowledges that synthesizing the contents of the interview in order to transpose it into a newspaper article published by local french newspaper Le Pélican was the most difficult part. Caroline was just as comfortable on the set of Our News (the Collectivité’s TV channel), joined by Ambre Collette. “They reassured us and taught us how to manage our stress as the general environment of the set especially the cameras were stressful” declares Amber, nervous as it was her first time on set.

In the past week several journalists have acceptated the invitation of Miss Lauga, english teacher of Robert Weinum, to talk about their job and the difficulties that may occur.

Firstly, Robert Luckock, the Daily Herald journalist who covers the French side, explained his journey to become a reporter and a presentation of the Daily Herald not only a newspaper but also a printing press department: he came to the island in the 80s as he did freelance writing and then became a journalist at the Daily Herald in 1991. “being a reporter can be a very adrenaline fuelled job, the field can be dangerus and articles must be written quickly and carefully.” Said by Luckock .

Other journalist that has particpated was Loïc Lagoutte of the local news station IOTV.

A select group of students, Collette Ambre, Brazier Vaea, Charles Manuel Gershom, Hodge Kenny and Lafleur Illie participated in a workshop with him. Where they discussed the ethics of journalism,and how to detect fake news.

The school is very proud of our « éco-délégués » (our ecological representatives),as they have written articles about the 17 objectives of sustainable development made by the United Nations. The articles have been published in the 97150 newspaper this week.

In addition to the many workshops there have been video projections of documentaries dealing with press and media and projections of cartoon press comics in our school library.

Finally, we have received Estelle Gasnet, cofounder of the Soualiga post as she explains how she manages an online newspaper. She also proposed students to participate in writting articles on a regular basis. Who are Gallis Cloelia, Lombardo Chiara, Desabaye Shainia and Henke Joséphine who will start the journey into writting and journalism.