Pointe Blanche prison : numerous cell phones and contraband confiscated

Police officers with the support from Dutch marines found “numerous cell phones and other contraband’ during a safety search of the Pointe Blanche prison on Saturday.
The search follows the fatal shooting of gang leader Omar Jones on Wednesday August 31 and the return of the nine suspects in this shooting from the police station to the prison.
The search was done under the guidance of the police by a large number of police officers; the entire K9-unit and the Dutch marines stationed on the island also took part in the operation.
Prior to the search all prisoners were relocated from the cell blocks and detained elsewhere on the prison compound.
The search team discovered many areas in the cells that prisoners used to hide cell phones and other illegal items.
The search team also found clothing and underwear with extra pockets sown into them that allowed inmates to conceal contraband.
The phones, other unspecified contraband and the altered clothing were confiscated for further investigation.

Hilbert Haar (Today)