Tamillia: "The Voice Kids was a great springboard


A finalist from The Voice Kids, Tamillia Chance is one of the four Pépites who will appear on May 6 for an exceptional show at Loterie Farm. Although she was defeated in the finals by Manuela on October 11, the adventure of The Voice Kids was nonetheless, in her words, "a great springboard." "I have lots of plans," she confides. Tamillia has now been invited to participate in many concerts and record one or two tracks on an album with other known artists, but cannot say more for the moment. She is leaving again for mainland France in May to continue this project, which remains a secret.

Her first - group - album, The Kids Sing Christmas, came out on December 16. "I sang on all the tracks," she states with a mix of pride and humility. After a concert in December in Sint Maarten for the Teen Times, she appeared with Kids United, the group of five children who, in partnership with Unicef, interpret songs celebrating peace and hope, including "On écrit sur les murs." Tamillia ensured the opening act of their concerts in Guadeloupe and Martinique on April 8 and 9. Alone on stage in front of 5,000, then 6,000 people, she interpreted songs by Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Tal that she had worked on for the show. And she followed this with the team for dedication ceremonies in malls, surrounded by two bodyguards. She leaves for Guadeloupe on May 7 for another concert with Kids United in the Gosier Sports Complex.

“It changed my life. Now everyone recognizes me. People ask for photos and autographs," says the young 13-year-old girl in a shy voice. Of course, she has kept in touch with her friends from The Voice Kids using a shared group on Messenger. "She is now part of The Voice Family. Everything she does will be seen by the members of this family," declares Dianique, her mother. "I even met Ernold [note: contestant on the current season of The Voice] at a reception organized by the youth council at the Lamentin City Hall with the other Kids. In front of everyone, he said, 'I want to be sure to say I’m a fan of Tamillia,'" says the young singer, very touched.

She is reconciling her growing fame with ordinary teenage life and is continuing her education at the Soualiga Middle School. Between the finals and Christmas, she left for France every month, helped by the Collectivité and the Tourist Office, who took on the cost of the tickets. "She always makes up her classes when she is absent. She was congratulated by the teaching team for her first two-quarters, I was very proud," notes her mother. Her social life also does not seem troubled: "There are people who don't speak to me any more because they are jealous, but many others support me," Tamilia says. When asked about her future, she replies: "It was always clear that I want to make music, but I also want to continue in school." If the pace accelerates, she will have to take classes via distance learning.

At Pépites? "It will be spectacular, with Malaïka, Kenyo, Jabz and Fred York," she predicts before adding: "And then it will be great to sing with live musicians."

Fanny Fontan