How Tamillia got on the Voice-Kids TV show

Last Saturday, she seduced thousands of viewers as well as the three jury members of the Voice-Kids TV show which is broadcast in France. Tamillia Chance met with the local press on Wednesday and told her story.

She has had over 2082 shares on the Voice-Kids Facebook page and over 500 shares on TF1’s page [the French TV channel]. In all, more than 37,400 likes four days after the broadcasting of the show on TF1. Tamillia Chance, a young girl from Saint-Martin, impressed the TV show’s audience. She is by far the candidate who has triggered the most reactions on the social network. Lynn, the other highly favored candidate, got 563 shares and 14,000 likes.

"It’s outstanding! ," she said, starry-eyed. "It was very exciting to win over the three members of the jury and then see them stand up with the audience," she said. "When I watched the show last Saturday, I wanted to cry but I held back… On the other hand, my friend did cry!," admitted Tamillia. "She told me that her heart was pounding", added her mom, Dianique, who’s extremely proud of her daughter’s achievement.

Dianique, who used to be a professional singer, saw her daughter sing for the first time just three years ago. It was during a private party. She was going to perform when Tamillia asked if she could join her on stage. "I was surprised to see her come on stage and I was even more impressed by her voice", said Dianique. "People applauded and liked my performance a lot," said Tamillia for whom this experience triggered her vocation. "I told my mom that I wanted to be a singer", explained the young girl. Dianique took this declaration very seriously. “I know this profession is tough. As a professional singer, I’ve had some rough times… But I said to myself that we would do everything we could to succeed," said her mom.

They worked together and published videos on the social networks. Some of them were broadcast on shows in the US. "They asked us to do things in the USA but we preferred to focus on The Voice", explained Dianique who sent her daughter’s video herself to the show. "Three days later, they called us to say that they were interested and that they would call us back," added her mom. And several months later, they received another phone call informing them that Tamillia had been chosen to participate in the selections for the blind auditions. Tamillia succeeded with flying colors. And that’s how she landed on this show on TF1 to interpret Halo by Beyonce. That was the first song that she had sung in public a few years earlier.

Since the shows are recorded several weeks apart, Tamillia and her mom therefore had to go to Paris several times. They received financial support from the Collectivité and the Semsamar which offered them two plane tickets. They paid for the other costs.

Tamillia is currently 12 years old. She’s in the 6th grade (5ème) and goes to Soualiga Middle School.

The next show will be broadcast on Saturday September 24 on TF1.





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