Highlight the young talents of the island


To provide a stage to the young talents of the island so that they can show what they can do - such is the goal of the Pépites - the first event of Wonderland Factory. After 20 months on the island, Nadia Boukir specializes in performing art and project management and Emmanuelle Toulliou, who works in Saint-Martin since ten years, especially in business management, launched their event company on November 2016, assisted by Initiative Saint-Martin Active.

With Wonderland Factory, they offer to create custom events for individuals and businesses. They also organize their first evening on May 6  at the Loterie Farm: the Pépites. “We have created a concept and this event is intended to be repeated every year," says Emmanuelle Toulliou, in charge of administrative and financial management as well as the management of the company.

Not just a concert, a whole show

This evening is designed to highlight the talent of the island. “Young talent does not refer to their age, but to the fact that they start their career," says Nadia Boukir, artistic director of Wonderland Factory.

In this case, the two partners have selected four local artists: Tamilia, Malaïka Maxwell, Kenyo Bali and Enora. “For this first edition our means are limited, so we could not make a large casting. Especially as a young talent, we cannot ask them to be immediately ready to go on stage” she added. The four artists are in fact accompanied by a group of professionals including Fred York who also set up a group of musicians for the occasion. And rehearsals are well under way for a month. The Pépites will alternate between covers and original compositions when they have some. In addition to being auditory, the show which will take place in the gardens of the Loterie Farm, will also be visual thanks to four dancers, a stilt-walker, and a fire-eater, as well as to the talent of Eric Fayon for the lights, and Noemienne Brunet for the decoration. "We chose a 'natural wonderful' decoration, in order to stay in the natural aspects and to play with the lush vegetation” describes the artistic director. A magical atmosphere that is echoed in the name of the company: “Wonderland Factory is going to the other side of the mirror, as Alice in the Wonderland” she explains. All this has a price. “There is no reason why the public should not respond to four artists from the island who are largely up to the standards of many professional artists," they say. That is why they have chosen to set the entrance price at €30, and rely on local sponsors, in order not to be more expensive and remains accessible to the greatest number. "We are convinced that the show can make people eat. We need to say that shows have a cost” they say. Being firm on this aspect allows them to do things by the book. Artists are paid and reported to the GUSO (equivalent to the URSSAF for artists) and to SACEM when they have compositions, in order to begin to have them identified by the administration. Their message: “there are artists in Saint-Martin who can expect to live from their art”. And to conclude: “this is the first edition of the Pépites so we are not claiming to work miracles but we hope to take the public with us.”

Fanny Fontan
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