• 15.02.2019
    "Last week we were alerted that there was possible illegal construction happening at the area of Simpson Bay Beach popularly known as Kim Sha at the location of the construction site of Roxxy Beach...
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  • 01.06.2018
    Download here the PDF.
    This guide was produced following the most recent hurricane season, which was particularly intense and destructive for Saint-Martin. This guide is intended for construction professionals and non-...
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  • 27.04.2018
    The Collectivité has decided to reinstate the option of exchanging your Dutch driving permit for a French driving license.  
    Until the establishment of driving schools on the French side, Saint Martiners had to take their driving test on the Dutch side. “The use of Sint Maarten driving schools is still widely accepted,”...
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  • 05.04.2018
    The Collectivité of Saint-Martin informs its population of the procedure for obtaining a census document (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc.). The request for such a...
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