Urbanism procedure of reconstruction after Irma on the French side

For the private homes

For simple repairs (such as roofs, windows...)

  • In non-risk areas:

- Repairs are allowed without prior notification

  • In high risk areas:

-Repairs are allowed if they consist of securing the inhabitants from natural weather elements, this is subject to request a IRMA prime declaration " / In French “Déclaration Préalable IRMA” (DPI)

For reconstruction or modifications taking into account the hurricane effects :

In non-risk areas: If the site already has a building permit, the reconstruction may be authorized provided that the project complies with the initial building permit. For this, a (DPI) must be filed

- If the site does not have a building permit: it is mandatory to file for a building permit, and provided that the building does not occupy public domain or identified as a future project site.

In high risk areas: The Collectivité is giving itself a 2 year period (maximum) to review building permits, analyze the situation and find solutions to secure these high risk areas. So it’s requested that only mandatory repairs be done until this time.

To help the owners, the Collectivité will make available an architect consultant to accompany them in a quality approach to find adequate solutions to help them.

For business (Hotels – Restaurants – shops - Guest Houses, etc.)

For businesses located outside areas exposed to hurricane risks, a building permit or prior permit, depending on the nature of the work, is mandatory.

Businesses located in high risk areas should take into account the hurricane effects in their reconstruction in order to mitigate the vulnerability of their building such as the recoil, materials, and height and the safety of their customers.

Construction of a "safe room" on a higher level is a must for hotels built along the coastline. 

After a thorough inspection, reconstruction will be approved by the commission of safety and accessibility. Businesses are asked to respect these rules.

For additional info you may visit the Urbanism Department, located in the new temporary building of the Collectivité in Concordia.

In accordance with the deliberation of the Territorial Council on November 9 2017, this reconstruction period will apply until October 1, 2018.

Estelle Gasnet