Jeanne Vanterpool will vote for Alain Juppé

Jeanne Vanterpool, territorial councilor and President of the Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin, says why she prefers Alain Juppé to Nicolas Sarkozy.


In just a few weeks, the Republican Primary to nominate the candidate who will defend the values of the Right and Center in the Presidential Election in 2017 will be held.

Poll after poll suggests a victory for the former Prime Minister and current Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain JUPPE, in the election that will take place in two rounds (the 1st round on Sunday, November 20th, and if necessary, a 2nd round scheduled on November 27th).

But even if the polls that have been taken, mainly of voters in metropolitan France, is followed and they turn out in favor of Alain Juppé, what about the electorate and activists of the Rig Sarkozy ht in Saint Martin? Who will they choose, Alain Juppé or Nicolas Sarkozy at the end of these "Primaries"?

Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool isn’t hesitating to engage in this fight and declares her preference, by far, for Alain JUPPE, who brings real values for France and a particular attention for the Overseas Territories. She explains her choice in these terms:

"An inadequate Organic law – a negative general compensation – a deterioration of relations with our Caribbean neighbors including Sint-Maarten...", Sarkozy Responsible but not Guilty!!!

On Saint-Martin, up until now, we have had a single vision of the Right, with a single policy line vis-a-vis our territory; embodied since 2007 by the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy and his friends. This position has never allowed us to "benefit" from our December 2003 choice which made Saint-Martin an Overseas Collectivité in accordance with article 74 of the Constitution. Indeed, the errors of the Government, the thorny issue of compensation and financial allocations: (skills transfer = means transfers), agreements to optimize tax collection, broken promises and commitments not met by the Head of State Sarkozy, have led to the catastrophic situation facing Saint Martin today. And yet in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected by a large number of Saint-Martin voters.

"Alain Juppé and Jacques Chirac: the same love, the same Respect, the same Passion for the Overseas Territories"’…

By visiting the French Overseas, “including” Saint-Martin on April 9th, Alain Juppé demonstrated the value he has for our territories and the great respect he carries for our populations which represent almost 3 million inhabitants. In view of the policies pursued by the Socialists who have led our territories into such a state of devastation, it is high time for us, as competent men and women, plagued by questions of economic and social issues related to immigration and security, take up the reins of Government. I believe (and I'm not the only one who thinks so), that only Alain Juppé can accomplish this challenge and rebuild the country.

In 2003, we made the choice to fully assume a new governance for St. Martin. Despite the many challenges that we are facing, we are hopeful that the French State, in the person of its President, will recognize the good sense of our institutional choice and, finally, grant us the means promised for several years now that are in the benefit of Saint Martiners.

"Nicolas Sarkozy and his supporters, have nothing to offer St-Martin..."