• 07.04.2017
    During his general policy speech, Daniel Gibbs recalled to the Sint Maarten authorities his desire to cooperate better.
    “Cooperation today lies solely on the goodwill of a handful of individuals. I do have a much higher idea of the cooperation that should exist between both sides of this island”, said Daniel Gibbs, a...
  • 03.04.2017
    Barely even in office, the opposition has made it known that they disapprove of the presidency of Daniel Gibbs.
    The atmosphere was tense during the territorial councils under the presidency of Daniel Gibbs, the new president. The opposition visibly wished to make itself heard. Several signs were sent during...
  • 31.03.2017
    Last Sunday's run-off election in the Northern half of our island has resulted in a resounding victory for Team Gibbs. "I have already sent the President-Elect of the Collectivite, Mr. Daniel Gibbs...
  • 26.03.2017
    6:30pmThe participation rate for the second round of the territorial elections is 45.2%. 9 166 persons have voted this sunday, march 26th, which is 508 more than for the first round last sunday.

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