Blockages: the President and the Territorial Councilors expect strong responses from the State

While the 3rd day of mobilization ends and as the evening to come promises to be worrisome, the President of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin Daniel Gibbs and the Territorial Councilors, who went yesterday on the 3 main roadblocks of the territory, are awaiting strong announcements from the highest State authorities.

Since Thursday, December 12, 2019 in the evening, President Gibbs has been in direct contact with the Minister for Overseas who is now his main interlocutor. Together, they have started a process of discussions and exchanges which should, it is a shared objective, lead to a lasting return to appeasement.

This afternoon, he also sent her a communication recalling the primary demands which require urgent responses, namely:

“Proceed to the immediate withdrawal of the PPRN version anticipated on August 6, 2019 and return to the 2011 PPRN regulations and take the necessary time to rewrite a PPRN project fitting the social, economic and cultural reality of the territory.

I wish to remind you of the will of my elected representatives and myself, who have lived through Irma, to guarantee the protection of our population residing throughout the territory against a new type of natural disaster, including the coastal area.”

The President stated that the elected officials of Saint-Martin and himself will only be “favorable to a PPRN designed in a rigorous and concerted manner, taking into account the inhabitants of Saint-Martin, their lifestyles and the preservation of the economic activities.

He also asked the Minister to "Instate a new terms of State representation in Saint-Martin (...)".

Concerned about the security of the Saint-Martiners, the restoration of social order and public safety (sovereign competence) was also stated.

The President recalled the will of the Collectivité to move forward more concretely in the assessment of the recovery of the Environment competence "so that Saint-Martin is able to be in control of its future".

The elected officials of the Collectivity reiterate their call for appeasement.

Motivations must not be erased by forceful methods ... (on both sides of the barricades) nor should they obstruct everyone's right to move around freely.