• 29.06.2017
    Because they did not collect on several tax accounts, three public accountants of the Collectivité were declared owing it. Then, they requested...
    Three public accountants of the Collectivité, having served respectively in 2003, in 2005 and 2006, and from 2007 to 2009, were judged owing the Collectivité by the Saint-Martin territorial chamber...
  • 28.06.2017
    The FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit Sint Maarten), and the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) will be working together in the “non-reporting project”. The aim of the “non-reporting project” is to...
  • 24.05.2017
    The US news agency Associated Press (AP) recently highlighted the difficulties that ethics could pose in the sale of Donald Trump's property in...
    "For sale: 5 acres of paradise. And President’s goodwill?", is the title of the article by the Associated Press (AP) reprinted by a number of American media (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.)....
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  • 21.04.2017
    The preliminary 2017 budget is around €178 million.
    The budget was approved by the majority vote during a plenary session on Saturday, April 15; the opposition formed by the Alliance for Justice, Hope, and Prosperity led by Louis Mussington (absent at...

Local Economy

  • PIB : 14 700 €/hab
  • Number of job seekers (cat. A) : 4 238 (end of dec)
  • Number of passengers to Grand Case : 96 885 (2014)
  • Number of passengers to Juliana : 499 920 (2014)

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