Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten in the Panama Papers database

Saint-Martin appears five times in the Panama Papers database, once in the name of a company and four times as the legal address of companies, two of which are located on the French side of the island.

After typing "Saint-Martin" in the database search bar, an offshore company appears in the search results: “Saint-Martin Corp.”. Registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the company was created by Trustee Roman Zimmer. Based in Luxembourg, the company has enabled the creation of sixteen other companies registered in the Panama Papers database. But no information is given about the activity of Saint-Martin Corp., not even about a potential link with the island.

In addition to this, two French side addresses appear on these documents. The first is “la Falaise aux Oiseaux” where Li Qiming, a Chinese national, is domiciled. He is a shareholder of Jagon Investment & Management, a company based in Hong Kong, together with Ling Dong who resides in the United Kingdom. Jagon Investment & Management was created in November 2014 by Orion House Services Limited which is based in Hong Kong and whose name appears 7,016 times in the Panama Papers database. No information is available concerning the two shareholders or their company.

The second French side address that is recorded is located in Nettle Bay. Four companies are domiciled there: Global Two Trust, Tenon Nominees LTD, Tenon Corporate Shareholders LTD and Optimus Corporate Shareholder Limited, all registered in the Isle of Man. They are each connected to other companies based in the BVI (Beckfoot limited, Portsway Limited, Dalhia Ventures Limited, Healthworks Europe.)


The Dutch side also appears in the database, via Aurora Management Associates Limited located in Cole Bay, which is a shareholder of Provit Estates Inc., registered in the BVI, and closed since October 2012.

We can also notice Mossack Fonseca based in Panama has created two offshore companies in Anguilla.



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