New online petition against the Chinese Tourism Project

"Objection to the Chinese project at Little Bay in Sint Maarten" is the title of the online petition which was posted on September 7 by Jackie Chance.

Since the announcement made by the Minister of Finance of a Chinese tourism project consisting in the construction of 350 rooms and 450 apartments in Belair/Little Bay, critics are pouring out on the island and on the social networks. Extremely rare are those who have expressed an interest for this project.

On September 7, Jackie Chance wished to take action and posted an online petition. Citizens who are against the project are asked to sign it. "Behind the Sint Maarten Government’s back, two ministers have secretly negotiated the development of a monstrous project, which will destroy the last natural spaces, which will overburden the island’s accommodation capacity and which will not be beneficial to the labor market and local population in general", explained Jackie in the petition.

The petition’s author also denounces the fact that this project was lead behind closed doors.



Estelle Gasnet