Wendy was raped and the perpetrator was arrested

The perpetrator was arrested three days later and confessed that he had killed her.

“I violently pushed her and she fell down... I took a piece of glass and stabbed her with it” said the man who killed Wendy to the gendarmes. “He also said that he raped her”, said the Basse-Terre Public Prosecutor, Samuel Finielz during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

The perpetrator is man who was born in Saint-Martin in 1994. He does not appear to be mentally disturbed, but will nevertheless be examined. The gendarmes arrested him on a beach on Tuesday morning. He was identified thanks to the testimonies of three people.

"A witness explained that she saw a man with a suspicious behavior come out of the woods on Saturday morning", said the Prosecutor. The witness gave a very accurate physical description of the man by precisely describing the hairstyle and the color (red) of his hair. This description was backed by two other testimonies.

Thanks to these elements, the gendarmes conducted a local investigation in Nettle Bay. "On the beach, they saw a man who matched this description. They asked him for his identity. He refused to answer. He was immediately placed in custody and taken to the brigade for questioning," explained Samuel Finielz. 

He was questioned three times and confessed to the crime after having denied it a first time. Nevertheless, he did not explain his motives.

The clothes he was wearing have been analyzed. Although they had been washed, traces of blood were found.

The samples, which had been sent to Bordeaux on Monday in order to determine the DNA, revealed a man’s DNA. "But since the perpetrator has no criminal record, his DNA was not listed and, if he had not been found and if he had not confessed, it would have more difficult to identify him.

Wendy’s body will be autopsied on Thursday by two medical examiners who will come specially from Guadeloupe. Afterwards, it will be returned to the family who is supposed to return to Belgium this weekend.

Tomorrow, the man in custody will be brought before the Pointe-à-Pitre criminal division.






Estelle Gasnet