Wendy was stabbed several times

During a press conference, the Public Prosecutor of Basse-Terre, Samuel Finielz, gave some details on Wendy’s death which occurred on Saturday July 9 and was discovered on Sunday.

Out of respect for the victim’s family, the Public Prosecutor of Basse-Terre, Samuel Finielz, did not wish to give specific details about the conditions in which Wendy Montulet’s body was discovered at a press conference given on Monday in the middle of the afternoon at the Marigot courthouse.

"She was found dead with several stab wounds made with a pointy and sharp object", he said without giving the exact number of wounds. Wendy was therefore stabbed with a knife; the weapon was not found near the body.

The time of death will be confirmed after an autopsy. Two medical examiners will come especially from Guadeloupe on Thursday July 14 to perform it. However, the investigators assume that the death occurred between the time when Wendy left to do her jogging at 9:30 am and the time when her father-in-law informed the gendarmes that she was missing at 2 pm. She may have been killed near the place where the body was found, but "there is no evidence to confirm that yet", added Samuel Finielz. There is no evidence for the moment that shows if her body, which was found at a few meters from the road in the bushes, was transported and/or dragged.

The investigators are also waiting for the autopsy results in order to know whether or not she was sexually assaulted. "No element allows us to say so", said once again the prosecutor who did not wish to specify whether or not the victim was still wearing her clothes.

The investigators are not making any direct links with Cuchi, the suspected killer of Angélique in 2004 - who has escaped from prison in Sint Maarten since last February. "We must not work with blinders because that’s how mistakes are made. This is a very technical investigation and we must proceed with the greatest caution", said the Prosecutor.

Wendy was not carrying any valuable items except for her i-pod.

The investigation is being conducted by the Saint-Martin research brigade and is mobilizing fifteen gendarmes full-time.

Wendy was born in 1994. This was her second visit to Saint Martin with her mother and father-in-law. She was staying in the residence, “Les Flamboyants”. She was supposed to return to Europe on Saturday afternoon with her family.




Estelle Gasnet