Missing young woman: the gendarmes used a sniffer dog

Gendarmes are conducting search on foot at Nettle Bay since Sunday morning.

A dog in the canine brigade Guadeloupe arrived by helicopter at the request of the gendarmes of Saint-Martin to help in the searches for Wendy, the young woman disappeared Saturday morning between Nettle Bay and the Lowlands (TerresBasses) while she was jogging.

Upon arrival, the dog received the instructions of his handler. Wendy's personal effects were presented. He was taken on the road to Terres Basses, where the disappereance is thought to have occurred, to follow the scent of Wendy. It is very delicate work.

The area is flown at the same time by a helicopter. On the ground, the gendarmes are conducting a search on foot.

Airport authorities on both sides of the island were informed on Saturday afternoon.

The gendarmes are asking everyone to be careful and call  +590 590 52 30 00 in case of information helping investigators.





Estelle Gasnet