Legislatives 2nd round: Interview with Claire Javois

With the second round of legislative elections being held on Saturday, we asked the candidates a series of questions. We interviewed them separately.

Can you tell us in a few words the reasons why you decided to run for office?

I have always known how to serve my island. I was part of a syndicate and defended workers’ rights. Then, Louis-Constant Fleming asked me to be on his list and to share in his values. I was vice president of the Collectivité in the social sphere and today, I want to continue my work at that stage. Should I be elected to the National Assembly, I will be the MP of Social Affairs. And I want to work in harmony.

You have been in politics for a long time. How do you explain the lack of interest that the people of Saint-Martin have for you?

I think the main reason is because there are too many candidates. During the last territorial elections, abstention was high and there were eight lists. At the legislative election, there were thirteen lists!

For what other reason would you put forward to incite voters to vote for LR, other than to not give too big a majority to President Macron? The absence of an opposition is often used as an argument by struggling parties during an election.

We have to vote for LR for their plan as well as to give them a majority at the National Assembly. It is important to have an opposition and that it be the biggest possible.

François Baroin called for “an open and respectful debate to shed light on the differences between the candidates of LR and of En Marche to compare plans.” What are the main differences between you and Inès Bouchaut-Choisy?

I am supported by the presidents of both Collectivités. I represent two executives who were elected by a large majority last March. They were elected based on a platform where important work needs to be done, especially on organic law. President Daniel Gibbs commissioned an adhoc investigation into this topic and someone from his majority must be able to defend this position in Paris.

Marthe Ogoundélé appealed to voters to vote for you even if she supported Emmanuel Macron and asked for his nomination. What is your reaction?

First of all, I would like to thank her! I think Marthe Ogoundélé put Saint-Martin first as opposed to Inès Bouchaut-Choisy, who talks more about the President of the Republic. She has another approach that is more focused on La République en Marche. However, I think we need to focus on the two territories. We are not MPs from Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy as we would be MPs of other regions of France. We have our own needs, especially because that we have our own skills.

Two women are running for office during the second round: what do you think?

I am proud! It is a strong message to send to the young women of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barts. It is important for women to also get involved in politics. It is not only for men. In fact, we see more and more women getting involved. It is not a question of ego as it can be for men. Women have another way of thinking and seeing things.

How will you seduce the people of Saint-Barts considering that you are not as well known?

Through President Bruno Magras’ plan who lends me his support. He will have executive drafts that will have to be defended.

If you are elected MP on Saturday, what is the first thing you will work on?

The allocation of the Compensation Charges which was not calculated correctly by the Government. As long as it is not changed, the Collectivité of Saint-Martin will not be able to take flight

Estelle Gasnet