Claire Javois is in the lead, but with a significantly smaller margin than Daniel Gibbs’ in 2012

Same as the first round of the presidential election in April, the people of Saint-Martin voted overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate, namely Claire Javois. She is ahead in the polls with 1,538 votes representing 26% of the votes cast.

Despite this, Javois has significantly less votes than Gibbs’, who could not run for office due to the rules on consecutive mandates. In 2012, Gibbs won during the first round 2,641 votes on both islands, 1,103 more votes than Javois. He won 39.90% of the ballots cast in the riding–13.89 points more than Javois. He enjoyed a more comfortable margin of 946 votes between himself and Guillaume Arnell. Today, Javois leads Inès Bouchaut-Choisy in the polls by only 252 votes.

In Saint-martin, Gibbs won 34.23% of the ballots cast with 1,852 votes, but Javois has 10 percentage points less than that. She only won 24.16% of the ballots (1,119 votes). Even Arnell who came in second place won more ballots than Javois at 29.51%.

In Saint-Barthélemy, Javois won 419 votes, equivalent to 32.71% of the ballots; this is two times less than Gibbs 5 years ago where he had 789 votes and 65.31% of ballots. He lead the polls with 664 votes ahead of Louis Mussington, who represented the Parti Socialiste and came in second, followed by Arnell with a 691 votes difference. Today, Javois trails behind Bouchaut-Choisy by 17 votes.

As a reminder, Gibbs had won the elections with 52.29% of votes. He won 77% of the ballots cast in Saint-Barthélemy (1,111 votes) and 46.70% in Saint-Martin.

Estelle Gasnet

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