Château des Palmiers, a sale that could harm Donald Trump

The US news agency Associated Press (AP) recently highlighted the difficulties that ethics could pose in the sale of Donald Trump's property in Saint-Martin.

"For sale: 5 acres of paradise. And President’s goodwill?", is the title of the article by the Associated Press (AP) reprinted by a number of American media (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.). The five acres of paradise in question are those of the Château des Palmiers at Plum Bay in Saint-Martin. Donald Trump acquired this villa four years ago via two companies for commercial purposes. Today, the property is back on the market. AP reports that Trump said the property is worth between $25 million and $50 million and that seasonal rental income is between $100,000 and $1 million a year.

Château des Palmiers is thus the first large property that Trump could sell since he has been the President of the United States, specifies AP, which questions the way in which the transaction is going to be realized. The question is whether the President of the USA will give himself the right to monitor the negotiations and whether the name Trump will be used to facilitate the promotion of the sale. As this has recently happened and earned criticism, it is precisely a lack of ethics.

Associated Press explains that Donald Trump has certainly left the management of his empire since his investiture, but he did so for the benefit of his son and a "senior Trump organization executive." In short, his affairs are (still) managed by his family. In addition, Donald Trump stated that he will not seek information on his affairs, but that he reserves the right to monitor.  Unlike some of his predecessors who found themselves in a similar situation when investing into the oval office, they left the management of their companies to a third party in order to limit the risk of conflict of interest.

In addition, the Trump organization and its representatives are accused of highlighting the name Trump in promoting their activities. Recently the Kushner Companies - real estate companies owned by Donald Trump - had to apologize for over-emphasizing in China that the Kushner Companies were connected to the US president.

In addition, AP asks if a buyer will purchase the Plum Bay villa in the hopes of receiving favors from the US administration. According to AP, the White House will not decide on any intervention by the president (whether he has been informed) and the Trump organization did not wish to comment on the subject.

Finally, Donald Trump is also accused of regularly visiting his properties (hotels, golf courses, etc.) and having his picture taken. Which offers a free promotion of his properties.

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