The prefecture will be under construction for three years

This year, the prefecture will launch a significant works program. "We will be extending our premises and and bringing them up to seismic standards," announced the prefect, Anne Laubies, in the late afternoon during the New Year’s Ceremony.

The work will enlarge the site next to Fort Louis. Offices will be created behind the building and an upper floor will be built above the Foreigners' Office. The works should take three years. For eighteen months, all departments will be moved to the center city of Marigot. "We will be in the former barracks of the gendarmerie," the prefect indicated.

These sites are located at the corner of Hollande and Concordia Streets, next to the border police station (PAF), and have been traded between the State and the Collectivité. As a reminder, the State has ceded these buildings to the Collectivité in exchange for the former library, which will house the detached chamber of the court.

But before housing the prefecture’s services, renovations will be made to the former barracks.


Estelle Gasnet