Nadika Stephen sentenced to €1,000 in fines for contempt for police

Dans l’affaire Nadika Stephen, le tribunal correctionnel a rendu ce jeudi 19 janvier son délibéré.

The criminal court pronounced its verdict on the Nadika Stephen case on Thursday, January 19. It found her guilty of contempt for three border police officers (PAF) and sentenced her to a fine of €1,000. It also heard civil claims from the three officers; Nadika Stephens must pay them each a sum of €500 for damages and interests (they requested €1,500 each). She was also sentenced to pay €1,500 under Article 475-1 as reimbursement for the lawyers hired by the victims.

However, the courts did not support the accusations of racial insults, as the infraction was not constituted under the law of July 1881.

The minutes for the hearing were ultimately declared null, as council requested, as they failed to note the assistance of an interpreter, as required by the law.

Estelle Gasnet