Tamillia: "My goal was to make the final"

Back from Paris, Tamillia spoke about her adventure and her participation in The Voice-Kids.

"When I heard Manuela’s name, I was disappointed, but not for long," said Tamillia. "Later on backstage, she talked to me and I cried, we’re like two sisters. We won together, Mr. Pokora’s team won! ," she added while stressing "Manuela’s incredible talent". "We [the 6 finalists] are all winners by being in the final," said Tamillia whose goal was indeed to reach this stage of the competition. "Apart from that, like in all games, there are winners and losers", she added.

Tamillia seems to put this sudden fame and thrust into the limelight into perspective. Just two months ago, no one in France knew her and now she has conquered millions of people. "When we were in Paris, people recognized her! One time in a clothing store, a woman even came out of the dressing room to take a picture with her! ", said Dianique, her mom, who has always been at her daughter’s side.

Ten years ago, Dianique participated in the casting of Star Academy but wasn’t selected. "At that time, they told me to participate in order to see what a competition is like…I was therefore able to give Tamillia some advice", she said.

Nevertheless, from listening to the young girl, the ambiance seems to have been very friendly. “Everything went really well. The rehearsals for the final began on Thursday [The final was held on Saturday] and we had a lot of fun during these three days… but we also worked hard! We were like a big family. Behind the cameras, the coaches also gave us advice. They were sincere with us," said Tamillia who has stayed in touch with some members of the production. “We can’t talk about it yet, but we have projects”, she announced. "We’re going to continue to work and accompany her in the field of music," confirmed her mom.

But for now, Tamillia is going to get some rest. "She has experienced a lot of things, there have been a lot of emotions and stress to manage, and not to mention the jet lag. It’s important that she gets some rest", agreed her dad who is also very proud of his daughter.

With the approval of the administration of her middle school, Tamillia should get an additional week’s vacation as the All Saints day school break begins at the end of the week. But there’s no doubt that everyone at the Soualiga Middle School will be very proud to see her again. Tamillia received a lot of support from her classmates who discovered her on television during the blind auditions. "They knew that I was going to do something when I left, but I couldn’t tell them what! And when they found out that I was on The Voice, everyone in the school went crazy! ", said the young girl.

People were also going crazy on Monday afternoon at the Juliana airport where several dozens of people were waiting. Tamillia was surprised to be greeted by Rollande Questel, an elected official from the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, and Lisa Christmas, an agent of the Sint Maarten Office of Tourism [but no minister from the Sint Maarten Government was there, contrary to what had been announced]. She then met with other fans in Bellevue where the number 5 district council had organized a welcoming committee in the presence of the President of the Saint-Martin Office of Tourism. Later, a cocktail was organized in her honor at the La Samanna Hotel.


Estelle Gasnet