Storeowner denounces Sint Maarten boycott and little being done by elected officials

A few days ago, the store manager published an open letter on the social networks in which she thrashed out on elected officials about the neglectfulness in Marigot.

This storeowner of the rue du General de Gaulle in Marigot "who can’t take it anymore” does not mince her words. She is exasperated. Just like the Business Owners’ Association in Marigot has already done, she’s blowing the whistle one more time. She has launched a strong message to the authorities so that they may react to the neglectfulness in Marigot.

In her open letter which is intended to be a reaction to a recent article published in the local press stating that the "tourist season was in full swing," this store owner denounces the daily ”boycott" of the Dutch side. "When it’s not the euro, the Zika and chikungunya viruses, the threat of terrorist attacks, or the insecurity in Marigot which are supposed to keep tourists far away from our city, it’s another thing! (…) Just name it! Anything is good to try and demolish the French side!" she said while stating that "our neighbors put us down and no one does anything about it". And ironically remarked: "They’re as white as snow. There’s no crime on their side, no delinquency, no drug trafficking, no robbery. Their mosquitoes are healthy; those carrying the zika and chikungunya viruses don’t cross the border. The alleged jihadists, who were arrested a few months ago, were caught at the Grand Case Airport and not at Juliana! 

However, the store owner admits that "The picture is not all bright in Marigot "despite the fact that there have been very major improvements in safety". Yet, there’s no reason to say that "Marigot is a cut-throat ghetto like some are still trying make tourists believe.”

Faced with these facts, the storeowner questions elected officials about their desire to "change the situation" and their actions implemented, apart from the “zone bleue”.

She deplores the fact that the store owners’ "different proposals" to the Collectivité and leaders of the Tourist Office have not been followed. Among which are propositions such as: "a better distribution of the buses so that all the store owners can equally benefit from the passage of tourists, and not only the seafront, the end of the marina, and the cemetery,"the construction of the parking lot in front of the Orange shop for this purpose.

The storeowner pointed out that "the duration of the buses’ stop on the seafront no longer allows tourists to explore the city and the Marina. It’s much too short and it has even become ridiculous!” She therefore asks the Tourist Office to "renegotiate with the tour operators".

She didn’t forget either to complain about landlords in the city center who practice high rents.



Estelle Gasnet