Zone Bleue : the storekeepers are ready to give it a try

The shopkeepers’ representatives hope that the “zone bleue” will be good for business. Even if customers will have to find parking spaces.

One of the biggest problems of Marigot is the lack of parking spaces. People don’t come because they can’t park.” said Jean Canet, vice-president of the Marigot storekeepers’ association, (ACM) and manager of the Levi’s store. These parking issues actually cause a considerable loss. For Yann Lecam, ACM president and manager of the Ici Paris store, “the storekeepers’ situation is very alarming”. “You only need to see the number of stores that have closed”, added Jean Canet.

To find a solution for this lack of business, the Collectivité has decided to establish limited parking zones, called “zones bleues”. “If it helps increase our turnover, then we’re all for it , declared Yann Lecam who is glad to see that this zone is next to the store windows. Jean Canet, on the other hand, has some concerns: “The efforts of the Collectivité are commendable and welcome. But will they succeed in enforcing this new rule? ”.


Where will the storekeepers park?

The lack of parking spaces in the downtown area results in the rapid saturation of the few parking spaces available. “70% of the cars parked in the Marigot streets belong to the storekeepers” stated Canet. Therefore, the arrival of this “zone bleue” make some people see red. “Where are they going to park?”, asked their vice-president who believes that it’s up to the Collectivité to find a solution. “There’s the big Galisbay parking lot, but we need shuttles or a little train like you see in the seaside resorts.” Yann Lecam understands the storekeepers’ concerns but prefers to put things into perspective.

"The priority is not to know where the storekeepers and their employees are going to park, but to make sure that they will still have a job two years from now".

Especially since the Marina Royale shopkeepers are currently signing an agreement with Samagest in order to have access to the parking lot which can accommodate 53 cars. Despite their concerns, the storekeepers say “they are ready to give it a try.”

On Friday, the Collectivité will hold a press conference about the rules and establishment of the “zone bleue”.



Estelle Gasnet