PM Marlin: “Unfortunate that some parties do not adhere to the rules”

Prime Minister William Marlin raised alarm about some political parties not adhering to the rules that prohibits candidates or supporters to come within 200 meters of a polling station to campaign. Speaking just after casting his ballot at the Milton Peters College (MPC), Marlin suggested that the UP Party had persons at all the polling stations, even at the door.
“Congregating at the polling station is actually not allowed even though my understanding is that particularly the UP Party has had several of their supporters in Middle Region even in front of the door of the polling station. This is not allowed. It is unfortunate that certain parties are not adhering to the rules of the game,” Marlin told reporters.
He said in South Reward, polling day was orderly but he understands that is not the case at other locations. “Personally I would rather not just strip the posters or the flags from the public roads before Election Day but I would also want people coming to vote without any political propaganda.” The premise is that elections should be fair and free. “People should be able to vote without having to show who they are voting for or not having to endure the pressure of a political party.”
There were several reports throughout the day of campaigning at polling stations in close proximity. The minister of justice asserted that the police officers at the various polling stations can exercise their discretion as it relates to how close campaigners are allowed to come to the polling station.

Hilbert Haar (Today)