Pawsitive SXM: the Court has issued a demolition order against their shelter

The Saint-Martin Courthouse handed down its ruling on Thursday and sentenced the President of the association, L. Morel, for having carried out work on a plot without the owner’s permission.

She was charged for non-compliance after moving her shelter for dogs from rue de Hollande in Galion to parcel AW39 in July 2014. The President of the association, Pawsitive SXM, L. Morel, appeared  before the Saint-Martin Criminal Court on June 9 last year.

She was also accused of having carried out work on this parcel without the owner’s authorization, and thus illegally occupying it. Before the judge, she explained that Pierre Beauperthuy who claimed ownership of the parcel, had given her permission to establish her shelter there. However, it was established that the land belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral and that its management has been entrusted to the Réserve Naturelle.

"I don’t doubt Ms. Morel’s sincerity in her commitment, her cause and her investment for animal rights, but things must be done in accordance with the law", said Michaël Ohayon at the hearing on June 9. He therefore suggested a conditional prison sentence as a warning, a fine for 750 euros and the restoration of the premises to their former state within six months as the main punishment.

This morning, the Criminal Court issued her a two-month suspended prison sentence and a fine for 500 euros. It also ordered the demolition of the shelter within six months and a penalty payment of 100 euros per day for three months, in case of non-compliance.

"Contrary to her explanations, the shelter was built on parcel AW39 which belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral. Furthermore, no declaration was made", said the Court President.




Estelle Gasnet