Scooter theft in Saint Barth: prison sentence for the 3 authors

Ils ont été jugés vendredi après-midi par le tribunal correctionnel de Basse-Terre.

The three young individuals from Saint-Martin who were involved in the theft of scooters in Saint-Barthélemy last week were tried on Friday afternoon by the Basse-Terre Criminal Court before which they appeared for a summary trial at the end of their custody in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. The three individuals, who are barely of age, are very well known to the gendarmerie services. They have each appeared on several occasions before the Saint-Martin Juvenile Court for armed robberies. The one with the heaviest criminal record - four pages of convictions - got the heaviest sentence, three years in prison with a detention warrant. He was supposed to appear the day before at the Saint-Martin Criminal Court for similar offenses committed during the summer on two occasions. These procedures were forwarded to the Basse-Terre Regional Court (TGI). In September 2015, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison, including twelve months on probation. As for the other two, they were sentenced to eighteen months in prison. A detention warrant was also issued against them. All three are serving their sentence in Guadeloupe. It should be noted that one of them was released from prison on August 27. The Juvenile Court had sentenced him to eight months in prison. He turned 18 just three months ago.

Estelle Gasnet