They steal a boat in Saint-Martin in order to go steal two-wheeled vehicles in Saint Barth

During the night from Sunday September 11 to Monday September 12, some individuals stole a boat in Cul de Sac in order to go to Saint-Barthélemy. After having landed on the island, they abandoned their boat and stole four two-wheeled vehicles (including a motorcycle) in the Corossol district. Three of the two-wheeled vehicles were parked on the road in front of their owners’ homes and the fourth on an unfenced private parking lot. The individuals then stole another boat, a Contender this time, to take their loot back to Saint-Martin. This second boat was found on a beach next to Anse Marcel Cove.

The Marigot brigade was assigned to the investigation and will process the elements collected by the Criminal Identification Unit (CIC). 

Fanny Fontan