Are the kiosks really the problem?

The main demands displayed on signs on the two roadblocks this morning in French Quarter and Orient Bay are related to the temporary occupation permit agreement for the kiosks in Orient Bay; three restaurant owners have refused to sign the agreement due to the fact that the rent was too high and that the buildings were not compliant. They have been demonstrating their discontent for several weeks. But is this really why they were demonstrating this morning?
It is worth noting this strange coincidence of a roadblock in Orient Bay; a roadblock which is not located on the road leading to the notorious kiosks (which would have been relevant) but on the one leading to the Palm Beach, the restaurant which is supposed to welcome the first concert of the electronic music festival - SXM Music -, organized by a Canadian DJ and businessman (from Quebec). SXMMusic was scheduled to open at noon for a five-day event.
Many people have also criticised this musical event for the past several days on the radio stations of Saint-Martin. "It’s not our culture…", said some people.
Are the carbets and other political demands therefore merely an excuse to bring down the festival?

Estelle Gasnet