Construction work on the Galisbay port quays

Three types of construction work are underway at the Galisbay commercial port: on the main quay, on the Roro quay and on the secondary quay.

Main quay

"We are currently rebuilding the bollards. The work should be completed next week", announced Albéric Ellis, the Port Director. Bollards are large metal bitts each weighing fifty tons with ropes around them for mooring vessels.

The fenders or large rubber structures, located at the head of the quay will also be replaced. They are manufactured in China (but sold by a French company) and will be sent directly to Saint-Martin. The shipping is therefore rather long but the Port hopes they will be installed before the beginning of the next season, in October.

Roro Quay

The Roro quay front will also be redone.

Secondary quay

On the secondary quay, the work carried out consists in installing a rainwater recovery system.

The cost of the project is 460,000 euros, of which 50% will be sponsored by the Galisbay port and 50% by the State as part of the State/Collectivité development contract.

This is routine maintenance work of the port infrastructure in order to ensure good conditions for the accommodation of boats.

Two years ago, a big 1.3 million euro project (sponsored in part by European funds) was completed; it particularly involved renovating the earth platform coating and installing pipes to recover rainwater.


The project management has been awarded to By Inge-Co. The company that is doing the work is TSA Sogetras.


(Photo credit: port)

Estelle Gasnet