Collectivité takes Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce to Court.

On December 20th, 2010, the Islands of Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG) sold the building housing the Saint-Martin Chamber of Commerce, Concordia, to the Collectivity of Saint-Martin for the sum of 350,000 Euros.
However, the president of the Basse-Terre Chamber of Commerce (before the latter was merged with Pointe à Pitre Chamber of Commerce to form the Islands of Guadeloupe Chamber) and the president of the Saint-Martin Territorial Council had signed another document in 2009. This document stipulated that the building and land belonging to the Chamber of Commerce in Concordia would be handed over without charge.
This why the Collectivité now wants to recover the €350,000.00 spent. It has therefore just taken the decision to ‘take the Islands of Guadeloupe Chamber of Commerce to Court for the purpose of obtaining the refund of the funds´.

Estelle Gasnet