Open letter to the population of St Martin

By Jules Charville, Territorial councilor

"I took time to react publicly to the wave of violence that shook Saint-Martin. I listened and read the many reactions of indignation and sadness that these barbaric acts cause in our community.
My sincere condolences to all bereaved families and victims. I feel immense sadness. In such circumstances, we must be united and morally supportive to all families in distress. Even so, I also hear those who say that it is not through rhetoric that these heinous acts will disappear on our island.
Our society must regain calm and peace. We won’t solve anything with turmoil and under the influence of emotion.
The violence in our neighborhoods, in our families and in our homes must stop.
We mourn our loved ones, our friends or simple acquaintances who are no longer with us, as a result of weekly physical, verbal or psychological acts of violence.
Saint-Martin is now ravaged by pain and self-withdrawal. This is the ultimate sign that our country is in grave danger. The danger of selfishness, but also the rejection of the other that undermines our community.
It is in this very serious context that I call on all families, the youth, the seniors, the professionals, all elected officials and our entire population not to give in to hatred, fear and pessimism.
We must reject violence with all our strength and chose the better living and better being together.
So if for this we need to launch a comprehensive diagnosis of Saint-Martin, to bring real thoughts that go far beyond the only political programs, let's do it. Let us get together with all our components, but also with external assistance, if necessary, for the superior interest of our people.
Universal Love is stronger than hate. Combined Intelligences must be put to the service of our country, in order to get out of this impasse. Let’s continue tirelessly to deliver messages of peace and disseminate them widely around us, that Saint-Martin finds her safety and serenity.