Orient bay’s new restaurants : Was the rent too high?

The Collectivité should slightly lower the monthly rent for the new restaurants as it was initially set in €2,500 a month.

This decision follows the discontent of future operators who criticized its expensiveness. Based on the facts that, prior to construction, they only paid €400. Of course, the difference is huge. The question is whether it is fair or not. The new facilities are beyond compare to what they were before. Now they are new and compliant with all standards. Eight restaurants are about to open in the new site: four so-called traditional restaurants, two fast food restaurants, one providing both traditional and fast food, and one providing French food. Construction can thus justify this increase in rent. The Collectivité (COM) should collect €20,000 per month, or €240,000 per year (with a rent of €2,500) over the three years corresponding to the duration of the AOT (temporary occupation permit).

By comparison, since 2008, Sindextour has paid to the COM an annual fee which was €60,000 lower - i.e. the amount of €180,000 Euros - for the use of the AW33 land parcel where three restaurants and three watersports centers have opened their doors. Based on the number of centers in operation, this represents a monthly rent of €2,500 ; a rate which is identical to that of the "kiosk" rent.

In order to appreciate the true value of the comparison, the rent / turnover ratio of those various centers should be estimated; meaning their capacity in terms of seats versus restaurants attendance for both the AW 33 land parcel and the kiosk should be assessed. It should also be noted that the development of the three restaurants was funded by Sindextour. In addition, the company pays for the cleaning of the beach. Meanwhile, eight of the future karbay operators benefit from premises funded by the COM up to €3.3 million (including €800,000 granted by the Feder funds).

Estelle Gasnet