Territorial police: increasing efficiency

The president Daniel Gibbs has briefly revealed the territorial police’s expectations.

The president Daniel Gibbs has announced that «An enhancement of the security is being undertaken, in support of the gendarmerie’s work». Hence, the territorial police will «increase its surveillance patrols during the month of August »

«I have asked the territorial police to carry out pedestrian patrols in Marigot, and increase their presence in other sectors, especially in French Quarter, where unacceptable acts have recently taken place against the gendarmerie» declared the president to the Collectivité.

He furthermore insures that «Elected officials, together with neighborhood associations, are carrying out awareness and consultative actions in the field». He highlights the implication of the vice-president Steven Patrick and of the Collectivité’s technician Mélanie Hodge, who are in touch with «stakeholders» who care about security issues and combat violence.

Finally, Daniel Gibbs has asked the territorial police for a «service project». He expects «an increased efficiency and visibility in the field» from the policemen.

Estelle Gasnet