The prosecutor's office pointed the finger at the local police

In his indictment Wednesday morning, deputy prosecutor Yves Paillard insisted on the somewhat light-handed behavior of the local police in the case under consideration.

On May 23rd, a homeless person violently assaulted an employee of the restaurant located just in front of the post office in Marigot. The individual asked for a beer, she refused to serve him and he lost his temper. She was defended by a customer.  Terrified, she then went to see the local police.  Agents went out, talked with the homeless man that they knew, managed to calm him down and then left.

The Deputy Prosecutor denounces the reaction of the local police.  "The officers let the individual go when he had just assaulted two people," he said. "They should have stopped him. He was arrested by the gendarmes who were also called”, Yves Paillard continues.

As the public representative of the prosecutor's office, the local police also have a real role to play in the fight against delinquency and the feeling of insecurity. To say a few words to an individual who has just assaulted a citizen, on the basis that we know him, is not enough.  "It's the same when the local police see a young person on two-wheelers passing in front of their eyes on the rear wheel, it has to stop," says the Deputy Prosecutor who said he wanted to have a discussion with the police.


Estelle Gasnet