Claire Javois won in 22 polling stations out of 24

With 3,462 votes, Claire Javois (LR) won 54.73% of the votes cast in the second round of the legislative elections on Saturday.

Her lead increased by 1,924 votes between the two rounds of which 1,544 were from Saint-Martin and 598 from Saint-Barts. She is ahead of Inès Bouchaut-Choisy by 598 votes.

♦ In the lead in 22 of the 24 polling stations

Claire Javois is in the lead in 22 out of 24 polling stations that count the district; she is only outdistanced by Inès Bouchaut-Choisy in the polling stations 10 and 17 of Saint-Martin, which corresponds to voters who reside in the Cul de Sac, Anse Marcel and Mont Vernon areas.  In the first round, Inès Bouchaut-Choisy was already ahead of Claire Javois and Patrick Ouvrad (FN) in these stations.

Claire Javois is ahead in five polling stations of Saint-Barts, and sometimes largely in stations 2-3 and 4 (more than 60% of votes cast).

♦ The progresses

In the second round in Saint-Martin, Claire Javois made good progress in the four stations of Marigot (2-3-14 and 15), in the three stations of Concordia (4-5 and 16) and in the stations 8 and 9 (Rambaud-Saint-Louis-Colombier-Friar's Bay) where she respectively gained 327, 208, and 219 votes to obtain a total of 532, 376 and 413 votes.  In these stations, Inès Bouchaut-Choisy received 384, 352 and 368 votes respectively.

♦Best scores

Claire Javois obtained her best scores in Saint-Martin in stations 6 and 7 (Sandy Ground-Baie Nettle-Terres Basses), station 11 (residents of Grand Case) and in the four stations of Marigot (2-3-14 and 15) where she received, respectively, 58.12 %, 57.5% and 55.13% of votes cast (333, 184 and 532 votes).

In votes, her best scores were in Marigot (532 votes) in stations 8 and 9 (413 votes) in Concordia (376 votes) and in Sandy Ground, Baie Nettle, Terres Basses (333 votes).

In Saint-Barts, she obtains her best scores in stations 3 (Colombier) and 2 (Lorient local communal) with 64.09% and 60.71% of votes cast, which were 191 and 153 votes.  In Lorient (station 4, presbytery) she obtains 176 votes or 57.52%.

♦ Lesser scores

Her lesser scores in Saint-Martin are in stations 10 and 17 (Anse Marcel, Cul de Sac, and Mont Vernon) with 43.07 % of votes cast (199 votes), stations 12 and 18 (Orient Bay-Belle Plaine) with 49.22% of votes cast (284 votes).

At the Hôtel de la Collectivité, she obtains 114 votes which is 50.67% of votes cast and in stations 13 and 19 (French Quarter-Oyster Pond) she obtains 228 votes which is 50.67% of votes cast.

In Saint-Barts, she obtains a little more than 51% of votes cast in stations 1 and 5 (hôtel Collectivité) which are 159 and 120 votes.

♦Comparison to Daniel Gibbs’ score in 2012

In 2012, Daniel Gibbs won the elections with 52.29% of votes cast which is 4,108 votes, 646 votes more than Claire Javois has today.  However, Daniel Gibbs only got first in Saint-Barts with 1,111 votes (77.21% of votes).  In Saint-Martin, he was behind Guillaume Arnell by 424 votes (2,997 against 3,420).

Estelle Gasnet
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