When young Saint-Martiners photograph their daily life

HeadMade Factory expose le 30 juin à La Cour les photographies de jeunes confiés à l'Unité éducative de la PJJ.

Last HMF event before summer break will take place on June 30th 2017 at la Cour, Marigot. This time no HMF nor guest artists's works on display but photographs taken by handed over to justice etenagers. They have worked under the supervision of educators from the Unité Educative de la Protection Judicaire de la jeunesse (French Department of Justice) and HMF photographer Laurent Bayly.

These young people are currently working on Identity and urban landscape. These topics turned out to be relevant for this part of Saint Martin Youth in search for meaning. This HMF/ PJJ joint project benefited from support from The Collectivité de Saint Martin and The DAC Guadeloupe (French department of culture).

La Cour is located in Marigot, close to the court house, opposite the former Library

During the evening the raffle to win the Deborah Jack picture will take place for the previous HMF event (April 1st) a kindly requested to come with their tickets.

Did You Know ?

Purchasing works of Art makes you benefit from tax exemption. Any HMF artist's work buyer can benefit from a tax rebate of 80 % of the work price (Saint Martin fiscal resident) or 66 % (France fiscal resident) Conseil territorial de St Martin's deliberation, december 8th 2016. 

What’s HMF

HMF is an artist collective working on contemporary art and culture in St Martin. Dance, visual arts, exhibitions, conferences. These activities about art, illustrate an artistic movement from St Martin willing to be recognized internationaly. Welcoming new artists and new talents is also part of the HMF goals, and to organize an international art event in St. Martin. With the support of tourism and education authorities these artists want to organize events to prove the strenght of contemporary art here but also to promote the island in an other way for tourism.

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