Head Made Factory comes to Axum Café

AXUM ART CAFE and HeadMade Factory (HMF) are happy to invite you to PILE.... FACE & VERSIONS. This exhibition is the culmuniation of HMF’s founding members Florence POIRIER NKPA, Laurent BAYLY, Cindy CHOISY whom will take over the Cozy Empire for 4 consecutive weeks.

This special event begins with an in depth presentation on Thursday APRIL 27 (6.30 PM) where artist Florence explains the concept and technique behind her artwork. Then, the official launch party will take place on Saturday APRIL 29 -7PM, at AXUM ART CAFE located on Frontstreet 7L Philipsburg.

PILE... FACE & VERSIONS is a special moment for both foundations to federate energy around the arts in St Martin. Our goal is to create more awareness for our local culture and our local artists. PILE... FACE & VERSIONS is a way of expression and reflexion of the current state. With a variety of mediums, HMF artists will analyze and retrace the Island as a whole. We strongly beleive that the social and economic development of SXM lies within the growth of its local artistry