Legislative: Claire Javois refuses to debate with Inès Bouchaut-Choisy

Saturday night, at the end of the first round of the legislative elections, Inès Bouchaut-Choisy (La République en Marche) said she wanted to participate in a TV debate with Claire Javois (Les Républicains). Monday night in a press release, the latter announced that she will not debate “on the radio or on television with Mrs. Bouchaut-Choisy”. “With my team, we are conducting this campaign in the utmost respect of the views of each other’s. A respect that has also been observed by all of the other candidates in our district. I want to thank them once again”, she says. According to Claire Javois, La République en Marche candidate has been trying to hysterize the debate for the past few days”. “Mrs. Bouchaut-Choisy, claiming to work in close partnership with the executives if elected, yet continually taunts the presidents of our Collectivités in the columns of the local press; similarly, she labels herself as invective on my behalf on social networks”, she noted. In addition, she prefers to leave the La République en Marche candidate in her smear campaign and refuses to enter into this unhealthy game of ego quarrels. Claire Javois “wishes that the people of Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin following these elections, will easily understand her refusal”. “Loyalty and unselfishness are the thread of my action and my political commitment to our Collectivités: thus, I am pursuing my election campaign, in the field, with my team”, she says.

Estelle Gasnet