Legislative, a sharp decline in participation in Saint-Martin

During the first round of legislative elections in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, 6,099 people voted - i.e. only 24.02% of the people on the electoral list of the two islands. This is 736 less voters than 5 years ago (-6.05 points) even though the list has 2,657 more voters.

Saturday, the people of Saint-Barthélemy voted the most with a participation rate of 25.12% versus 23.66% in Saint-Martin, respectively, 1,316 and 4,783 people.

Compared to 2012, the turnout has declined sharply in Saint-Martin where abstention increased by 7 points. The turnout in Saint-Barthélemy has remained steady at 74.88% versus 73.88% 5 years ago.  In Saint-Barthélemy, 46 additional people voted compared to 2012; in Saint-Martin, 777 people did not vote.


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