Daniel Gibbs’ track record at the National Assembly

Three days before the first round of the legislative elections, we examined Daniel Gibbs’ track record during his tenure at the National Assembly using the information available online at nosdeputes.fr (https://www.nosdeputes.fr/synthese). To better understand his record, we compared it to the track records of the members from Guadeloupe (Ary Chalus, Eric Jalton, Gabrielle Louis-Cabertin and Victorin Lurel) and those of the members from Martinique (Alfred Marie-Jeanne, Serge Letchimy, Jean-Philippe Nilor and Bruno Nestor Azerot).

The information is based on a 47-month mandate.

♦ Attendance in Weeks

Since his election in June of 2012, Daniel Gibbs spend 75 weeks at the National Assembly (in committee and in the Chamber). He was in attendance the most out of the nine Caribbean representatives, ahead of Serge Letchimy (69 weeks) and Gabrielle Lous-Carabin (61 weeks).

♦ Committee Work

Daniel Gibbs participated in 135 committee meetings. He participated the most out of the Caribbean members, ahead of Serge Letchimy (112 weeks) and Gabrielle Louis-Carabin (97 weeks).

However, in terms of speeches delivered to the committee, the Saint-Martin member only made 92 in stark comparison to Serge Letchimy (335 speeches) and Victorin Lurel (204 speeches even if he only participated in 44 meetings).

♦ Addresses to Parliament

Daniel Gibbs ranks third among the Caribbean members to have given the most speeches to Parliament both long speeches (167 times) and short (62 times).

The members who gave the most speeches are Serge Letchimy (total of 422 speeches), Victorin Lurel (310 speeches) and Jean-Philippe Nilor (318 speeches).

♦ Amendments

During the course of his 47-month mandate, Daniel Gibbs proposed 71 amendments. He is in 6th place out of the Caribbean members, lagging behind Serge Letchimy (335), Bruno Nesto Azerot (312), Jean-Philippe Nilor (272), Alfred Marie-Jeanne (223) and Victorin Lurel (212).

♦ Reports

Daniel Gibbs wrote 4 reports. Five out of the nine Caribbean members wrote at least one report: Serge Letchimy (10), Alfred Marie-Jeanne (5), Victorin Lurel (5) and Gabrielle Louis-Carabin (1).

♦ Proposed Legislation

Daniel Gibbs proposed a bill (judicial cooperation in Saint-Martin) that was adopted.

He also signed a total of 65 proposed bills that were subsequently adopted.

♦ Government Questions

Aside from Victorin Lurel and Gabrielle Louis-Carabin who did not ask in writing any question, the Caribbean member Daniel Gibbs asked the least number of questions with 12 questions, compared to Eric Jalton who asked 126 (despite having attended less the National Assembly), Alfred Marie-Jeanne asked 88, Bruno Nestor Azerot asked 83, Jean-Philippe Nilor asked 36, Serge Letchimy asked 29 and Ary Chalus 17.

Daniel Gibbs asked ten questions during question period taking 4th place in this category behind Ary Chalus (33), Alfred Marie-Jeanne (20) and Bruno Nestor Azerot (17)

Estelle Gasnet