Is the Collectivité requesting advisory boards?

The prefecture of Saint-Martin is requesting that the administrative court require the Collectivité to implement advisory boards.

According to the prefect, the hygiene, safety, and working conditions committee (CHSCT) is not properly established or at least is not functioning, along with the technical committee (CT). Hence a deferral. It stipulates that the list of individuals who must sit on these bodies is not known and that decisions were made without the consulting bodies being informed and consulted as required by law.

On its side, the Collectivité affirms that it has implemented a CHSCT and a CT, and that it consults them at the right time. It states that it does not understand why the prefecture never contested the decisions that it made without having consulted these bodies if those decisions have an illegal nature. The Collectivité regrets that the prefecture refers to union tracts denouncing a lack of functioning of these bodies; tracts distributed during the recent social movements organized by unions representing Collectivité agents to request the establishment of a CHSCT.

The administrative court should deliver its deliberations next week.



Estelle Gasnet