Legislatives: 13 candidates in Saint-Martin/ Saint-Barthélemy

The candidates had until Friday 19 May 18:00 hours to submit their candidacy in the prefecture of Saint-Martin. There are a total of thirteen who wish to run for office in the constituency of Saint-Martin/ Saint-Barthélemy.

According to the draw made in the prefecture, the candidates are:

1- Benoît Chauvin with deputy Sandra Cazabonne-Dubern

2- Cyril Dieumegard with deputy Daniel Feret

3- Claire Javois with deputy Micheline Jacques

4- Marthe January (Ogoundélé) with deputy Frantz Gumbs

5- Patricia Chance-Duzant with deputy Géraldine Telle

6- Inès Bouchaut-Choisy with deputy Alain Gros-Désormeaux

7- Jacques Hamlet with deputy Abigail Pavot

8- Grégory Isambourg with deputy Guillaume Pelissier de Feligonde

9- Patrick Ouvrard with deputy Jérémy Mannella (FN)

10- Richard Ledee with deputy Hugo Lattard

11- Anne Karine Fleming with deputy Patrick Bouffar-Roupe

12- René Arnell with deputy Franciane Greaux Lequellec

13- René-Jean Duret with deputy Marie-Paule Rousseau Cornette (Citoyens du vote blanc)



Estelle Gasnet