René Arnell is candidate for the position of Deputy

He announced his candidacy on Thursday, April 20th at his friend’s Belto Lake in Grand Case.

It is on “[his] journey of Grand Casien, in Saint-Martin, student with national and international successes, associative, cultural and sportive, former Director of a financial institution in Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin, politician alongside prominent politicians […], advocating the rally” that René Arnell supported his candidacy in the legislative elections next June, candidacy officially announced in front of his relatives at “Toto the cowboy”, his friend Belto Lake in Grand Case.

His journey “reinforces his idea [that he will be] a real relay of our leaders to carry out their grievances resulting from the operation of our organic laws that deserve to be better controlled and better applied”. He will carry “with conviction all measures validated by our territorial Councils who will go in the direction of improving the well-being of our people.” René Arnell relies precisely on his experience in the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) where he sat for five years.
 “This assembly is that of reflection and work, it is recognized for its operational capacity.
 Many ideas have been structured. We are saying that France has no oil, but has ideas,” says René Arnell. To his relatives, he explains that “large-scale studies [there] have been made”. And to highlight three that “particularly affect our territory: the extension of the continental shelf, renewable energy in overseas territories and enhanced regional cooperation.” These studies and ideas, René Arnell intends to “put them on the table” of the Government. “When you are negotiating with the Government, especially with the French government, it is important to present ideas”, he says. René Arnell is convinced that “prospects for growth” which should enable France to “regain its dynamism and its influence” are particularly in overseas territories. Observing that France is the world’s second largest maritime power thanks to overseas territories, he considers that “our country” has all the cards in hand to “become the second world maritime power”. He sees also that “renewable energies in overseas territories give a strategic position in the context of energy transition”. “France is said to be one of the few countries that never sleeps,” he recalls.

René Arnell also referred to his work for Saint-Martin at the CESE and his vision for the territory by distributing “The Notebook of the Adviser”, a book he had published and presented at the end of 2013. He also insisted on his participation in the coming of Ladom locally, body in charge of ultramarine mobility. “This initiative has been beneficial for many students and young professionals pursuing training or looking for a job,” he says. He also stated his desire to “modernize the Treaty of 1648, through the creation of a Congress with a rotating governance”. René Arnell is currently the only candidate officially declared; Christophe Beaupère withdrew his candidacy in early April. René Arnell has yet to find a substitute. “I have good leads,” he says without saying more. He has not revealed his political etiquette. “After the presidential election, it will be important to give a large majority to the new President”, he merely said. “It is important for a Deputy to be in the majority in the National Assembly”, he also said to a person questioning the role of a Deputy. Today, René Arnell is part “in the movement of Emmanuel Macron”.

Estelle Gasnet