A solidarity-based garage to be created in French Quarter or Sandy Ground

The Initiative Saint-Martin Active association is launching a call for expression of interest (AMI) to promote and stimulate economic activity in the priority neighborhoods of the French part of the island in the field of mechanics. The goal is to support an entrepreneur in the process of opening a solidarity-based garage in French Quarter or Sandy Ground.

A solidarity-based garage allows people in a precarious situation, to repair themselves, or to have repaired their vehicle at a lower cost. The garage owner buys the parts at cost price to the suppliers. In Saint-Martin, he will also recover spare parts from end-of-life vehicles (ELV) before their reuse by SXM Verde. The solidarity-based garage can also be a place for renting mechanical equipment, eco-driving awareness, vehicle for people who have to go to work and who cannot transport themselves. The solidarity-based garage customers are people in a precarious situation: young, employees with small income and recipients of minimum social benefits that are having difficulties associated with mobility. They will have to prove their social situation to the garage owner.  They will be sent by the social organizations that identify priority recipients. This initiative to open a solidarity-based garage is part of the City Agreement signed in December 2015 by the State and the Collectivité of Saint-Martin. In addition, to support economic activity, it aims to strengthen social ties in priority neighborhoods.

Initiative Saint-Martin Active was chosen by the prefecture in order to assist the project manager. It is responsible for the screening of candidates via the call for expression of interest and to support them in their procedures. The AMI is for existing garage owners or people who want to start their business. They must submit their project idea to Initiative Saint Martin Active by filling in three minutes an online form available on its website.

The deadline to file the form is on May 31, 2017 (midnight).

For additional information: contact Rachelle CHILIN at +59 (0)590 52 83 62 or by email.