A new association wants to stand up for Saint-Barth

Generation St Barth was created by the organizers of the Nuit Debout movement in Gustavia.

"Bringing together past, present and future generations around a common goal: preserve the Island of Saint Barthelemy and the identity of its inhabitants", such is the ambition of Generation Saint Barth, this new association which has just been created by Erick and Cyril, the ones who had initiated the Nuit Debout movement in Gustavia on May 15.

"We are surrounded by a team of locals and mainlanders coming from various political professional backgrounds: fishing, ecology, medicine, justice, urban planning, etc.", they explained.

The members of the association intend to "to hold up their fists against the increase in concrete, the destruction of marine and terrestrial biodiversity and the destruction of the island’s identity and heritage". They also call for "a more responsible approach for the issuance of building permits, in harmony with the actual touristic and economic needs of the territory".

Erick and Cyril qualify their mission as "the right balance of a policy combining ecology and tourism".

They’re going to think about the possibility of "establishing a fair classification and a fair price between owners and tenants of annual rental homes using a star system as is already the case for hotels/ restaurants in order to eliminate all forms of rental fraud ”. They also will wish to establish a partnership with car rental agencies in order to “promote the development of electric cars through a premium and thus reduce the number of "gasoline vehicles" which generate noise and pollution ”.

Forty nine people have already liked the associations Facebook page.

Estelle Gasnet