Daniel Gibbs honores the courage of Aline Hanson to have defended her policy

Shortly before 11 pm, Daniel Gibbs spoke at the hôtel de la Collectivité after gathering more than 49% of the vote at the end of the first round of the territorial elections. He wanted to be surrounded by his team. After shaking hands on the street, he went up to the floor of the building and greeted again the population from the balcony.

Then, with a broken voice, he thanked all those who supported him in this campaign, especially his campaign manager Hervé Dorvil. He spoke first in English, then in French. He thanked “Madam the President” who had the courage to come defend her policy. “For this I applause her”, he said. He thanked all voters who were able to send “a strong message” by placing him in first place.

However, the battle is not won. “We must still convince all those who are not”, he said giving an appointment to the people of Saint-Martin next Sunday for the second round of the elections.

Estelle Gasnet