Elections COM 2017 : 42,4 % of participation at the closure of the polling stations

57, 6% of non-voters at the closure of the polling stations for the first round of the territorial elections.

With 8 601 votes cast at the first round this Sunday, March 19th, the participation rate is 42,4%, which is 10 points less than in march 2012, and 703 persons less than five years ago even though 2 294 more persons registered.

To be elected at the first round, a list should get the absolute majority of the votes (2150) and a number of votes at least equal to the quarter of the registered (5 069).

People vote more (48%) in the polling stations 8 and 9 (Friar’bay to Rambaud via Colombier), then in the Spring/Concordia stations 4/5/16 with 45 %.

Fanny Fontan