The candidates are on Facebook but with very few followers

Altogether 3,481 people follow on Facebook the eight candidates in the territorial elections (Tuesday, March 14 at 14:30 pm). All have created a page on this social network, the most popular in Saint-Martin. Each post the meetings schedules, share articles published in the media and publishes videos of meetings. But very few use Facebook to communicate as such, meaning to present their program in detail.

The “followers” are generally very few. Should there be a lack of interest in these deadlines on the part of the population? Or a desire not to publicly display the support for a candidate?

- New Direction of Jeanne Vanterpool has 412 “Like” and 420 subscribers,

- The page “Continue for Saint-Martin” of Aline Hanson is followed by 27 people,

- The MJP of Louis Mussington counts 339 “Like” and 349 subscribers,

- On the way to the progress of Alain Richardson has 561 “Like”,

- The Mocsam of Julien Gumbs (page that existed with the candidacy nomination) has 436 “Like”,

- The Team Gibbs 2017 has 961 “Like” (against 293 for the Union for Democracy),

- The Soualiga Movement accounts 219 “Like” and 223 subscribers,

- Generation Hope has 543 “Like” and 550 subscribers.



Estelle Gasnet