Armed robberies in Sandy Ground: arrest of both perpetrators

The events took place in February, 10 days apart.

Two young Saint-Martin residents spent Tuesday night in custody for robbery of the Chelsea minimarts on Lady Fish Street on February 13 and New City on 23 February, in Sandy Ground. On both sites, they arrived on a scooter, displayed a weapon, and demanded all the petty cash, or about $500. They were identified by images filmed by CCTV cameras.

One of them is a minor; he appeared before the children judge on Wednesday morning for examination and placement under judicial supervision. He will be brought before the children court on March 21.

The second individual, who is twenty-one years old, appeared before the judge of freedoms and detention, who should pronounce his temporary detention pending judgment this Friday in Basse-Terre in summary trial. He was involved in the case of thefts of boats and scooters in Saint-Barthelemy last October. He was pronounced guilty and sentenced.


Estelle Gasnet